Eight ways to make your caravan feel festive this year

If you’re thinking of heading off on a winter getaway, why not bring the festive spirit along with you and spruce up your caravan with some Christmas decorations.

Whether you’re travelling with the whole family or by yourself, brightening up your caravan with some Christmas related goodies is the perfect way to get in the spirit (and it’s the least we deserve in 2020)!

We’ve pulled together eight ways you can bring the festivities to your holiday home this year, without breaking the bank:

Choose your theme
The first step to decorating your caravan is deciding on a theme. It can be tricky to choose just one, as there are so many different options out there. We suggest taking a look around your space and thinking about what will work best with your current decor.

 If you’re based by the coast and have a beach theme in your caravan, why not use this as your base and combine the two seasons. This theme really lends itself to creatives, so think about how you can ‘winterfy’ your beach memorabilia and souvenirs. Take any shells you might have gathered from beach strolls and create your own decorations or centrepiece.

Other themes you can opt for include:

-       Winter Wonderland - best suited to grey or white interiors bringing the feeling of being in the middle of a beautiful forest setting.

-       Rustic Christmas - fitting with darker decor, where there are already lots of wooden and deep red tones.

-       Santa’s Workshop - if you’re trying to impress the kids this is the perfect theme for you! Focusing on green, red and white, taking inspiration from a postal room.

-       Farmhouse Christmas - clean finishes and a neutral palette. Think hand painted signs, mason jar decorations and plenty of greenery.


Tabletop Christmas tree
If you have limited space, a tabletop Christmas tree is a great shout, as it won’t take up any floor space. You don’t need to compromise on decorations, just choose your favourite pieces and be sure to showcase them on your mini tree. From pre lit mini trees to decorated mini artificial trees, be sure to select one which fits with your chosen theme.


Caravan themed ornaments
If you’re at the caravan, why not incorporate some caravan themed ornaments into your festive decor! This could be anything from a personalised Santa caravan bauble to a personalised vintage caravan cushion. Think about some of your favourite memories from your caravan holidays and try to incorporate them within your decorations. This will make your 2020 winter getaway extra special and remind you all of the best times you’ve spent there.


Exterior lights
Once you’ve decorated inside your caravan, it’s time to think about the exterior. Only use lights and decorations which are safe for outdoor use. Be sure to read the packaging to ensure they are weather proof and suitable before you hang them. Depending on the size of your caravan, you could incorporate classic Christmas symbols such as snowflakes, or go down the cartoon route with Santa themed lights. Look for lights with multiple settings, timers and those which are long enough to reach your power source. Whatever you decide, make sure you consider your neighbours and don’t go overboard.


Christmas scents
Apart from decorations, there are plenty of smells which can get us in the festive mood. At home you may like to use candles, especially as it makes you feel cosy, but this is not recommended in a holiday home. Instead, it’s worth investing in electric flicker candles which will give you the same effect but are much safer. To bring in the scents of Christmas, why not make your own Christmas potpourri or have cinnamon sticks hanging on your tabletop tree.


Festive bedding
You may have previously only focused on living rooms and dining spaces when it comes to Christmas decorations, but a great way to continue the festive spirit throughout your caravan is to upgrade your bedding to be Christmas themed. A new duvet cover or cosy blanket will really make your caravan feel like home for the festive season!


Christmas nibbles
One of the best things about the holiday season is the food. Whilst you may have limited fridge or freezer space at your caravan, it’s important not to forget to treat yourself to some delicious Christmas themed treats. We suggest choosing long lasting snacks which don’t require refrigeration or preparation time.

If you’re more inclined to indulge in a festive tipple or too, hot chocolate stations are one of this year's biggest trends, so set aside some countertop space and lay out all your favourite hot chocolate ingredients from chocolate sprinkles to marshmallows and amaretto for the adults.


The final step to making your caravan festive is music. This isn’t a decoration as such, but playing Christmas music is one of the easiest ways to spread Christmas spirit and create a festive atmosphere. Why not get the whole family involved and encourage everyone to choose their favourite Christmas song and create your own unique playlist for this year.

Hook up your portable speakers and stream a fireplace scene on your device to create the ideal relaxing atmosphere for the whole family.


We’d love to hear how you’re getting into the festive spirit this year, so make sure to tweet us or tag us on Instagram @UKCaravans4Hire!

Published on December 14th, 2020

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