What to consider when heading off on your first caravan holiday

Considering your first caravan holiday but unsure where to start? Look no further as we share top tips and answer some of the most searched for caravanning questions. 

1. When do caravan parks open? (720 monthly searches on average)

At present, holidays in England, Scotland and Wales are not allowed and accommodation is only available for specific types of guests. 

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement in the House of Commons yesterday (22nd February) it has been confirmed that holiday lets in England can re-open on the 12th April 2021. Between 12th April and 17th May, any booking will be limited to one household. UKCaravans4hire.com understand slightly different rules and timings are likely for Scotland and Wales but details have yet to be released. 

Since the government announcement, there has been a huge increase in interest for staycations and caravan holidays in particular. Only use reputable booking sites to secure a booking for the summer if you do want to plan a getaway. Be sure to speak to them ahead of time about their cancellation and COVID-19 policies should the park not be able to open for the booking.  

2. What to take caravanning (90 monthly searches on average) 

When prepping for a caravan holiday, we recommend making a checklist. This should cover everything you need to take with you and ensure you don’t leave anything behind. Your first port of call should be to check the caravan listing for what commodities come included with your stay. You may need to take things with you like a corkscrew, bottle opener and any other specific kitchen utensils if they are not listed. If you’re unsure, contact the booking agent/site and don’t be afraid to double-check. 

Make sure you also consider activities and what items you may need for these, think about both outdoor and indoor activities. Bringing along a HDMI cable with a laptop or tablet with some pre-downloaded films and TV shows from Netflix is a great shout if the weather lets you down. You should also consider extension plugs as there will most likely be limited power sources in the caravan. 

Extra towels, blankets and bedding is a must too! You never know if you may need to wrap up warm as coastal locations, in particular, can feel colder in the evenings. Be sure to check in with the booking site or host on whether extra towels and bedding will be available in the caravan beforehand. 

And as you’re going away in the UK, the weather can’t always be relied upon, so try to pack for all-weather and don’t forget a sunhat and an umbrella!

3. What to wear on a caravan holiday (50 monthly searches on average)

No matter what time of year you go caravanning, wellies are a must! Suitable for hikes, beach walks and other outdoor activities, be sure to pack suitable and most importantly comfortable outdoor footwear which you don’t mind getting dirty. 

If your holiday is booked in the summer months, make sure you pack enough clothing for two outfits a day in case you head out to the beach and need to swap into some dry clothing. And if you’re planning to go on any hikes or outdoor excursions, make sure you pack a waterproof coat and even trousers. If your chosen destination is by the sea, the weather can turn quite quickly so you should be prepared for all outcomes. 

4. How to get a good TV signal in a caravan (210 monthly searches on average)

Good signal on the TV in a caravan can be hit and miss and will of course depend on the location. If a good signal and channel range is a deal-breaker for you, check-in with the booking site or host before you book to confirm what will be available. 

If you do have a tablet or laptop available, why not download your favourite TV series or film so you can watch them on your devices if the TV fails. Don’t forget to pack your chargers too! 

If you do have trouble with the TV signal when you arrive at the caravan, be sure to survey the surrounding environment for any obstructions and try to adjust the antenna accordingly. Signal boosters and amplifiers are also other options if you already have one at home which you can take along. 

5. Do caravans have showers? (90 monthly searches on average)

You’d be surprised at the facilities many modern caravans have. Most will be equipped with a shower but the strength and power of the showerhead is something you can’t be sure of until you arrive. If it’s a major worry of yours, check-in with the host or booking site and make sure you read up on all the facilities beforehand.

Most caravan sites will also have on-site toilet and showering facilities that guests are permitted to use. Again, make sure you check up on this before booking. 

6. Have an early start 

With the summer periods expected to be busy in the UK, we would recommend setting off for your getaway early in the morning. It pays to rise early and hit the road before the crowds join the party. That way you’ll also have more time to enjoy a leisurely drive within a mad rush before you leave home. 

7. Have a setup and unpacking plan 

Space for extra luggage and bags in a caravan can be limited so to avoid clutter and arguments we would recommend having a setup and unpacking plan for when you arrive. Split the luggage out according to sleeping arrangements and be sure to unpack any food or drink which needs refrigerating first. 

8. Plan your activities 

Our biggest piece of advice for a caravan holiday is to plan out your activities. Research the destination ahead of time and plan for one outdoor and one indoor activity every day. It’s important to have back up options should the weather disappoint. 

Creating an itinerary with everything from activities to where/what you’ll eat just as you would if you were heading off on a city break will help to build the excitement. There’s so much to indulge in all around the UK, so dig deep before you set off and pre-book any attractions ahead of time to avoid the queues.  

9. Pack up and clean properly 

Essential to any caravanning holiday is the tidy up before you head home. Many bookings may require deposits and some may cover the cleaning of the property but its best to do a clean around yourself before you leave. 

Make sure you take off all the bedding and leave dirty towels together in a laundry bag. Take out the bins to the designated areas on-site and give all the surfaces and floors a wipe. It’s also important to read any manuals left by the hosts on what’s expected of you when you leave the property, as you may also be required to turn any gas or electric sources off too. 

10. Bring camping chairs 

When the weather is nice and the sun is beaming down, there’s nothing better than sitting outside first thing in the morning or after you’ve been out for the day. 

Ahead of booking look into whether camping chairs will be provided and if not make sure you bring some along. Of course, sitting on the grass, blanket, or nearby bench is always an option too. 

If you’ve yet to book your summer 2021 holiday, why not take a look at some of the destinations available on ukcaravans4hire.com.

Published on February 23rd, 2021

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