A guide to increasing bookings

We have put together some tips on how you can make sure your listing stands out from the crowd. With over 5,000 holiday homes available for hire on our website anything you do to encourage more people to visit your listing could make a real difference.

Here are our top 5 tips on improving your chances of securing more bookings:

  • To start, you want to make your caravan and pitch look inviting and appealing. The first thing your guests will do is flick through your photos, so this is an instance where first impressions do matter and pixelated and out of focus images are not the way to go. Cleanliness and tidiness are the first things your guests will look for, so have this as your starting point. If it’s possible, getting in a professional photographer to take a few snaps of your caravan will make all the difference compared to images taken on a phone. The more photos of the interior and exterior of the caravan the better. Don't forger to include some images of the surrounding area so the the guest can get a feel for the local area.

  • Showing guests when your holiday home is available and at what price is vitally important. It reduces time wasting enquiries and increases the conversion rate of enquiries to bookings. Remember, you are not trying to secure a booking from every guest who visits your listing, you are looking for the guests that want to book your holiday home at the same time and price range as you are wanting to let it out. Be sure to add any optional extras to the system and also any security bond so that guests know the full price upfront. Be clear and concise with your pricing.

  • The description shown on the listing is next on the list. What would you want to know about where you are staying? Exploring topics such as whether towels and bedding are provided and what type of activities and fun things there are nearby is really important. Just like you have done for imagery in the first step, make sure you answer all of your guest’s potential questions. You can never go into too much detail. Most of all, make it personal; people like knowing that you care about them and their stay.

  • Did you know that there are caravans out there that are unique? We have a variety of caravans on our site that range from pirate ship theme to caravans that specialise in light and noise for children with autism. Having a caravan that has a USP (unique selling point) is more likely to get noticed. Does your holiday home have amazing sea views or is it located within a working farm? Anything that sets your holiday home apart can be used as a selling point.

  • Final touches can make all the difference such as board games for the typical unpredictable English weather, towels laid out nicely for the arrival of your guests and possibly even a little welcome pack. Welcome packs give a personal touch and could result in returning customers. Maintaining good customer relationships, even after a guest has finished their holiday, can help to increase repeat bookings.

If you’re looking to boost your bookings or add your caravan to our site get in touch with us today.

Published on March 31st, 2020

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