How to save money on your energy bills

Ahead of Big Energy Saving Week 2021 (18-24th January) we wanted to share our top tips for caravanners on how you can save money on your energy bills.

By taking a look round your caravan and making small changes to your property, you can potentially save hundreds on bills throughout the year. With this in mind, we’ve collated five of our top tips from water saving shower heads to improving insulation.


1. Solar panels

One of the most popular energy saving products for homeowners is the introduction of solar panels. These are also something caravan owners should think about. Scaled-down versions of the solar panels you might have on your roof at home can offer an alternative source of power for your static home. Portable solar panels specifically designed for caravans usually generate around 60w, 80w or 120w, depending on their size.

Further to introducing solar panels, owners can save on electricity consumption by using stick-on LED lights throughout their caravan to illuminate night-time trips to the bathroom, inside wardrobes or even above the kitchen sink.


2. Wind turbines

No, not the giant blades you may have been slowly rotating on a hilltop wind farm, but small or micro wind turbines are a great purchase to power your caravan, depending on its location. Portable wind turbines are quick and easy to set up but can withstand even the windiest of weather. They can be connected straight to the battery charger onboard your caravan and help towards savings on the cost of fuel as well as campsite’s electric hook-up fees.


3. Skirting

If you're living in a static caravan, skirting is an important aspect in protecting your home from the elements. By leaving open sides on your caravan, you’re leaving these vulnerable to the weather conditions and this can lead to lower temperatures, especially during winter months. Adding skirting to your caravan creates an additional barrier, keeping out the cold from the underside meaning less cold air will be able to travel through your floor into your property.


4. Insulation

It's important to consider insulation for your walls, roof and also your floor. The floor of your caravan is an important factor in determining the internal temperature, so installing warm carpet with a foam backing is a great way to insulate your flooring. Replacing or installing insulation in the walls can be a big task, but will definitely help to keep a more consistent internal temperature.

Caravan owners should also consider insulating external pipes as a means of preventing the cold from reducing the water temperature. If these are well insulated you will require less energy to heat the water.


5. Water saving devices

Installing water saving is a great way to not only reduce water waste, water disposal fees but also to reduce energy costs. Low flow water devices can be attached to taps and shower heads in order to reduce the amount of energy used. Shower timers can also be installed directly into shower pipes, if compatible with your current setup.


On top of actively making changes to your space, park home owners are eligible for the Government’s £5,000 Green Homes Grant voucher to pay for the installation of energy-saving home improvements. To apply for the Green Homes Grant voucher, you must either: Own your home (including park home owners, long-leaseholders and shared ownership), be a private or social landlord.

Your property must be in England to be eligible for the scheme and you cannot apply for the scheme if you have already received a grant from your local authority as part of the Local Authority Delivery Scheme.

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Published on January 18th, 2021

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