Travel the world from your sofa

With travel restrictions set to continue into the new year, we wanted to highlight the importance of virtual travelling and how you can travel the world this Christmas - from the comfort of your own home!

Whether you’re missing European city breaks, family getaways or adventurous safaris, 2020’s travel restrictions are stopping avid travellers from exploring new destinations. But not all hope is lost, as we reveal seven ways to discover some of the most instagrammable destinations around the world, all whilst staying safe at home.


1. Travel TV shows

Why not take advantage of your many entertainment subscriptions and get exploring with a travel TV show. From city breaks on Travel Man (available on All 4) to exploring America’s National Parks (available on Netflix) and indulging in unique Street Food (available on Netflix), we’ve created the ultimate travel TV show list based on your holiday needs. Find out more here. 


2. Travel films and documentaries

If you’re looking for a shorter getaway which requires less commitment than a full series, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ have a wide range of options. Whether you’re an adventurer, wildlife lover, explorer, city break lover or looking for more of a spiritual journey, we’ve pulled together the best travel films and documentaries currently available to stream. See the full list here.


3. Walking tours on Youtube

 If your favourite part of going on holiday is getting out on a walking tour, then YouTube is on hand to help you fill this void at home. Over 20K people have subscribed to this channel which allows viewers to visit Lanzarote, Portimao, Amsterdam and even Ramsgate in Kent. There is so much to take in that you could dedicate one day a week to different locations. Each tour varies in length 20 minutes to over an hour, so tailor your choice to how much time you want to fill!

There is also the option to enjoy live walking tours where hosts living in destinations around the UK are hosting live events where for a small fee. Viewers will get a live tour where they can ask questions and have a real authentic experience from some of the most loved cities around the world.


4. Virtual park walks

Being able to get out on foot and explore local parks is also a favourite holiday activity for many. If you want to take a look around London’s Hyde Park, Madrid’s Rio Park or Paris’ André Citroën Park, there are a whole host of first person perspective park walks to be viewed on YouTube. These offer a great opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty around the world of parks and green spaces. This particular series has over 40 park walks for viewers to indulge in.


5. Real life safaris

Part of many family getaways is meeting and exploring the local wildlife. And while zoos and safari parks are currently shut due to the lockdown here in the UK, animal lovers can head over to Chester Zoo’s YouTube channel for a virtual tour of the zoo. For those looking for something a little further adrift, andBeyond and WildEarth have an amazing range of real time safari experiences online. This particular tour lasts just over 3 hours, so a great way to settle back and get comfy on the sofa whilst meeting some of your favourite wildlife!


6. Scenic cycling

Cycling holidays have become increasingly popular, especially in the UK where the scenic landscapes offer up the perfect conditions to get out on your bike. Luckily for those missing their cycling holidays, Peloton have created a series of scenic rides for their users to enjoy and take a break from the surroundings they have come to know all too well during lockdown. Visit Peleton to find out more.


7. Mindful travelling

And while some people miss the hustle and bustle of travelling, others miss the escapism and chance to reconnect with themselves on spiritual getaways. Calm have recently launched a #Calmgetaways series where users can lay back, relax and travel through Africa.

We spoke to travel enthusiast Mrs D from I can show you the world 5 about how she’s been enjoying travelling from her sofa in recent months: “Since lockdown, our family have visited so many wonderful places in the world from the comfort of our sofa. Through virtual travel!

“We’ve been on a leopard safari, travelled the Everglades and did a virtual tour of Venice.

As we have enjoyed it so much, we’ve been encouraging family members and my followers to travel virtually. Firstly, because travel had such an impact on mental health and being stuck inside is so difficult. Secondly, because the travel industry has suffered significantly and these virtual tours have helped some tour guides be financially stable. I want the travel industry to still be there, for whenever it is we can travel again. Without people booking virtual travel, this might not be possible.”


We’d love to hear how you’ve been exploring the world from home, along with the places you’ve been virtually travelling to, so make sure to tweet us or tag us on Instagram @UKCaravans4Hire!


Published on December 1st, 2020

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