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Our story

We initially set the website up as a favour to a number of holiday home owners who were struggling to pay their site fees. We built the website to try and see if we could put them in contact with holidaymakers, within days we were generating enquiries and we had our first confirmed booking within a week!

By the end of the first year all the owners had managed to earn enough income to keep their much loved holidays homes and the holidaymakers had stayed in some fantastic accommodation for a great price. Since that first year the number of users has increased significantly.

In 2021 we welcomed millions of visitors to our website, generated hundreds of thousands of enquiries and secured millions of pounds worth of bookings for over 5,000 properties. From a single holiday home in a farmer's field to a top of the range holiday lodge on Primrose Valley we have it all as part of the 500 locations across the UK.


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