Winterise Your Static Caravan or Holiday Lodge

Protect your holiday home from the elements over winter and prevent serious damage from occurring. Whether it's mould, frozen pipes, damp or condensation there are numerous things that can cause problems if you don't take the necessary action.

We have put together a simple guide below for winterising your holiday home. While many of the actions can be carried out by an owner we would always recommend getting advice from the holiday park if you are unsure of anything.

List of items needed:

  • Anti-freeze – make sure this is specifically for caravans and lodges
  • Salt / Absorbing crystals
  • Bowls
  • Cleaning products

Winterising Guide

1. Organise a drain down. This can be done by contacting the holiday park reception or you could attempt to do it yourself. Bryn Morfa Holiday Park have put together a great video showing all the steps involved. 

2. Clean and air out the whole holiday home. Open all doors and windows, both internal and external for at least 30 minutes before closing up for the final time over winter.

3. Place removable furniture to the centre of each room. This will help prevent condensation build up. Don’t forget your curtains and window nets too.

4. Take bedding and pillows home. Alternatively place in vacuum bags, a real space saver and prevents mustiness too. If you have the room place mattresses on their edge. Leave cupboard and wardrobe doors open, this will help improve the air circulation. Roll up loose rugs and stand them on their edge.

5. Empty and clean the fridge/freezer and leave the doors ajar. Use bi-carbonate of soda - this eliminates odours. You may wish to leave a tea towel in the bottom of the fridge to catch any excess water. Do not leave any food whatsoever as this may attract pests.

6. Pour anti-freeze (specific for caravans) into plug holes. Top tip: remove plugs to avoid corrosion from anti-freeze

7. Pour salt or absorbing crystals into bowls and place around the caravan (ensure all areas are covered). This will help absorb any excess moisture.

Published on November 17th, 2021

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